LED light fields – exceptional, flexible, secure.


Modern, individual and fully trendy – LED light fields ensure a relaxed feeling of living and make your home a comfortable place to stay.


Culina Luce specializes in LED light fields with and without color changing function and the most diverse applications. All light fields are available in one color (in various colors) or with a motif from our extensive range. Or you choose one of your own motifs as an imprint.


The LED fields differ in the type of lighting: warm white, cold white or neutral white, mixed white (warm and cold white alternating) or RGB colors (ie color change fields).

Printed either directly on glass or on acrylic. In the case of light fields with a glass front, we only use high-quality safety glass, so-called single-pane safety glass (ESG). Due to a special heat treatment, ESG has an increased impact and impact strength (DIN EN 12600). Even if an ESG breaks, there is virtually no risk of injury as it disintegrates into small, blunt-edged individual pieces. ESG is very heat-resistant and therefore suitable for kitchens - it can also be installed directly behind the stove (exception: gas stove). Both ESG and acrylic can be easily cleaned with standard cleaning agents. (Please do not use sharp cleaners or microfibre cloths in acrylic – they will permanently attack the surface.)


Design your individual LED light field. Our employees support and advise you before, during and after installation. From the graphics department to the sales team to the "installer".

LED light fields for the kitchen

Whether as a back wall or work surface – LED light fields give your kitchen a very special ambience. Even a freestanding kitchen block can be brilliantly set with your favorite motif. The single-pane safety glass we use is heat-resistant, so it can also be used behind cooking zones – not behind gas cooking fields. It can be cleaned quickly and easily and is very suitable as a work surface as it is very smooth due to its closed surface – dirt, oil or vinegar spots have no chance.

LED light fields for the bathroom

Turn your bath into a wellness oasis. You want to see the stunning waterfall you photographed during the last vacation when you shower? Would you like to enjoy the beautiful mood and the gentle light of an LED light field with color changing function while bathing? An LED light field can run over a complete wall or be installed as an accent only over the bathtub. There are hardly any limits to your creativity. Talk to us – we make the best of your wishes!

LED light fields for the living area

LED light fields make your home even more comfortable. They are excellent interior architectural designs. They emphasize individual areas, create accents, create mood. You would like to install your LED light panel over the entire height and width of a wall? You want the LED light field to be narrow, but run around – four walls and four corners? No problem - we have solutions for all these ideas.