Kitchen backdrops made of glass

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Culina Luce not only offers kitchen worktops made of glass but also kitchen tops made of this unique material. These are available in the same color variety as the worktops.

All the advantages of glass worktops are, of course, also applicable to the back walls. The closed surface gives dirt and odors no chance to settle down. The back walls are easy to clean. They are heat resistant and scratch resistant.

color palette

Bianco puro

Bianco senso

Bianco leggero

Bianco visione

Bianco semplice

Beige naturale

Rosso puro

Verde senso

Verde naturale

Marrone divo

Grigio chiaro

Grigio platino

Nero profundo


Kitchen back of glass – color: Grigio platino

Kitchen back of glass – color: Bianco leggero

Kitchen back of glass – color: Marrone divo