Kitchen worktop made of glass


One meets in the kitchen – whether at the cooking, at the meal, at parties or in the morning at the coffee machine. It is not without reason that the trend towards the home kitchen continues unbroken – a kitchen is much more than a functional space; it is the real centerpiece in many apartments and houses.


Culina Luce offers you kitchen worktops made of glass in seven distinctive colors, as well as in five different white shades or in black. There is also the possibility to equip the worktop with a metal paint. Whether in modern or rather classic kitchens, such a work surface gives this room a very special touch and creates an atmosphere.

The working surface becomes an architectural design tool, becoming the "eye-catcher".


In addition to the design side, there is also a practical: glass is the perfect material for a kitchen worktop:


Glass has a closed surface and is very smooth - dirt has no chance to stick or stick

  • Glass is therefore very hygienic
  • Glass is very easy to clean (easy to clean with glass cleaner or detergent - please DO NOT use sharp or acidic detergents!)
  • Glass is heat resistant
  • Glass is scratch resistant
  • Glass is odorless and does not absorb odors

color palette

Bianco puro

Bianco senso

Bianco leggero

Bianco visione

Bianco semplice

Beige naturale

Rosso puro

Verde senso

Verde naturale

Marrone divo

Grigio chiaro

Grigio platino

Nero profundo


Kitchen worktop made of glass – color: Bianco senso

Kitchen worktop made of glass – color: Rosso puro

Kitchen worktop made of glass – color: Verde naturale